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Services Offered


Ideal for clients looking for a structured approach to specific CRM challenges, this package ensures that your needs are meticulously planned and executed from start to finish.

  • Scope and Quote: Define the scope and choose between a flat fee or hourly rate pricing model.

  • Regular Updates to stay in the loop on progress and blockers.

  • Final Deliverables include

    • Project plan reviewed with client prior to build

    • Release notes

    • Optional demos and training sessions


Designed for flexibility, this package is perfect for ongoing support, minor enhancements, or troubleshooting. Use consulting hours as needed across a wide range of tasks.

  • Flexible Hours: Reserve a block of hours that suits your monthly needs and use them for anything!

  • Only Pay for What You Use: A cost-effective, low-commitment option for maintaining your system.

  • Monthly Updates summarizing tasks completed and hours used.


How it works

Step by step guide to working with me



Get in touch to discuss your needs. We'll spend a session or two going through this, and I'll provide whatever info we can to help along the way. Whether it's a one-time project or ongoing support, I'll help you determine the right package. 


Execution & Support

I get to work, ensuring high-quality CRM solutions and support tailored to your business requirements.



Once you choose a package, I'll set up everything needed to start the work. For project-based engagements, I'll outline the project scope and timeline. For ad-hoc services, decide how many hours you'll likely need each month.


Review & Adapt

After completion of projects or at the end of each month for ad-hoc services, we review the outcomes and plan the next steps to continuously improve your CRM system.

Why choose me?

Extensive CRM Experience

Customized Solutions

Holistic Approach

Comprehensive Partnership

Maximized ROI

Dedicated Long-Term Support

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