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Services Offered


Ideal for clients looking for a structured approach to specific CRM challenges, this package ensures that your needs are meticulously planned and executed from start to finish.

  • Scope and Quote: Define the scope and choose between a flat fee or hourly rate pricing model.

  • Regular Updates to stay in the loop on progress and blockers.

  • Final Deliverables include

    • Project plan reviewed with client prior to build

    • Release notes

    • Optional demos and training sessions


Designed for flexibility, this package is perfect for ongoing support, minor enhancements, or troubleshooting. Use consulting hours as needed across a wide range of tasks.

  • Flexible Hours: Reserve a block of hours that suits your monthly needs and use them for anything!

  • Only Pay for What You Use: A cost-effective, low-commitment option for maintaining your system.

  • Monthly Updates summarizing tasks completed and hours used.

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