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Project Highlights

360° Service Cloud Setup

Established a high-performing, geographically diverse customer service call center, catering to a global clientele and addressing an average of 50,000 cases annually across diverse communication channels, including chat, email, phone, and SMS.

  • Maintained an expansive knowledge base platform with 1000+ localized articles, supporting multiple customer-facing self-serve platforms

  • Integrated Field Service teams multiple dispatchers and technician teams across continental US

Growth by Sales Cloud

Integrated four disparate lead generation forms and sources into a singular dynamic integration with Salesforce CRM and increased lead conversion rate by 70% (from 6.46% to an amazing 11.01%) by creating standardized and intuitive structure for inbound lead data, woven into a holistic lead nurturing and conversion process.

  • Driven by business process to ensure data integrity of incoming leads and ease of use for sales team

  • Cross-functional collaboration with marketing, brand, IT, and sales leadership

Empowerment by Data

Developed a proven method to create a visual approach for both operational and analytical excellence leveraging Salesforce's Dynamic Dashboards. Used this method across Account Management teams, call centers, back office operations, knowledge and content teams, as well as sales teams across industries.

  • Dashboards could drive any type of operational goals from fulfilling day-to-day tasks, to achieving sales or corporate KPIs, or ad-hoc projects and remediation efforts.

  • ​One dashboard could be leveraged across team of over 200 agents or account managers, agnostic of location, pipeline, channel, or title.

Strategic Migrations

Meticulously planned and executed CRM data and process migrations, collaborating with stakeholders to align strategies with organizational goals.

  • Managed multiple data migration into Salesforce, ensuring accuracy and minimal disruption, at times managing migrations of up to 100,000 records of sensitive and highly regulated legal data.

  • Expertly planned and executed the transition, offering guidance for seamless user adoption post-migration.

Fully Custom Solutions

Established a robust framework to manage and consolidate highly regulated data and processes into a comprehensive and fully custom solution within Salesforce.

  • Addressed challenges linked with extensive Salesforce customization, ensuring scalability, performance, and long-term maintainability.

  • Unified over 15 distinct documentation teams into a single system of record.

  • Supported a solution compliant with industry regulations, integrating essential controls and safeguards within the Salesforce ecosystem."

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