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Maximize your CRM's potential

Get the most out of your CRM with someone who's got the time, knowledge, and motivation to really make it shine.

My Services

Specializing in Salesforce CRM, I craft reliable, scalable and customer-centric solutions. From proactive problem-solving to professional execution and even comprehensive training, I ensure an optimized Salesforce experience. Ready to elevate your Salesforce journey? Explore my tailored packages below.

My Projects

With a diverse background in Salesforce and CRM management, I've empowered numerous businesses across various industries by delivering tailored solutions. From migrations to custom setups and a variety of team-specific solutions, my portfolio showcases the depth of my expertise. I appreciate the unique intricacies of each business, offering solutions that align with your current needs and future aspirations.

My Impact

Drawing from experience with industry leaders like Wells Fargo and Rivian, I specialize in delivering scalable Salesforce solutions tailored to smaller enterprises. I bridge the gap between corporate proficiency and accessible CRM management, offering cost-effective solutions to optimize your Salesforce. Let's streamline your CRM operations for success without the overhead of a full-time hire.

Hey there, I'm Soof!

I've driven impactful CRM solutions for companies across various sectors, always dedicated to optimizing systems for the businesses they support. Now on a consulting journey, I help craft scalable systems that evolve with the business and its growth. I thrive on simplifying complexities, empowering smaller companies to achieve significant goals. Let's chat about how I can help streamline your operations!

Testimonials & Recommendations

People come and go in our lives with some leaving a lasting impression. That is Soof. Soof is an asset to any company that gets her. Not only is she super smart, but she is focused, intuitive, level headed, creative, and always dedicated to getting the job done.


One project she supported required her to travel to Hong Kong to train a team for a contract remediation project. It was a challenging initiative due to time zone differences, language barriers and time constraints, but it was a success. This is just one example showcasing Soof's many strengths and her adaptability. She left our company over three years ago, and I still refer to CRM artifacts she created, one specifically outlining a very complex customer set-up.


If you want someone who will get the job done with grace, creativity, and ease, Soof is for you.  

Ashley Lown

Business Support Consultant, Wells Fargo

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