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Hey there! I'm Soof, and I'm all about making systems work their absolute best for businesses. 

With a BA in Economics and Mathematics from UCLA, I've delved into the world of improving operations and CRM solutions, having had impactful roles at Wells Fargo, and later as a CRM Product Manager at Rivian, a leading EV innovator.

Throughout my career, I spearheaded a migration project, steering documentation teams into a custom Salesforce platform designed to be the backbone for the firm's legal agreements. As the product owner, I expanded and scaled this system, ensuring it evolved seamlessly.
My time at Rivian had me managing the company-wide CRM, collaborating with Sales and Customer Service teams to integrate Salesforce, and pioneering the Charging Field Service platform from scratch.

Currently, I'm on an exciting consulting journey, assisting an innovative startup in streamlining their processes. I've developed reports, crafted efficient dashboards, and automated sales workflows, aiming for solutions that evolve with the business without constant dependence.


My passion? It's all about optimizing systems for businesses. I thrive on making things better and easier. What sets me apart is my knack for scalable solutions. I aim to build systems that empower businesses without the need for constant adjustments, immersing myself in their operations to create tailored solutions that resonate. My approach? Dive into a problem, get creative, and solve it.

That's why giving demos is my jam! There's nothing quite like showcasing my creations in real-time and witnessing that 'aha' moment with clients. I believe in truly understanding the nuances of each problem before crafting solutions – it's how I ensure my clients' needs are met at every step of the way.

Outside of this exciting professional journey, I'm embracing a new role as a mother. Balancing intricate business needs has prepped me well for this new adventure. Oh, and when I'm not optimizing systems, or entertaining my baby, you'll find me indulging in yoga, boxing, baking up a storm, or strumming a ukulele.

Want to chat about how I can help optimize your systems? Let's connect! Schedule some time with me or fill out the 'Get in touch' form down below, and let's discuss how I can assist in your journey towards business efficiency.

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