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Shaking Things Up: Lessons from a Sneaky Stress Test

As a budding business owner, I've been eagerly sharing updates with my family and close friends.

Hey, everyone, my website is finally up! Check out my debut blog post! Look, my business's name on a credit card!

The response has been heartening, filled with enthusiasm and encouragement. However, a recent inquiry on my website prompted a rollercoaster of emotions—initial excitement, followed by suspicion, and ultimately, relief.

I'd only posted the link a couple of times on LinkedIn. Could it be that I'd already snagged a potential lead? Or was it yet another automated marketing ploy, offering irrelevant services? Then, I noticed the sender's name: my brother. Crafting a fictitious scenario, he playfully tested my expertise. Initially exasperated, I couldn't help but laugh at his little trick. Yet, his inquiry served as a valuable stress test for my systems.

Are my integrations functioning as expected?

Could templates streamline my client communications and save time?

Are there redundant processes that could be refined for efficiency?

Reflecting on this experience, I recalled a lesson from my macroeconomics professor at Irvine Valley College (hi, Professor McNeil!) on antifragility—a concept elegantly explored by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Fragile systems shatter under pressure, robust ones withstand, but antifragile systems thrive and grow stronger amidst chaos. This principle, applicable to economic and social realms, resonates deeply in the business world.

With each shake—be it a new process, system flaw, or user error—your aim should be to cultivate resilience. Every challenge presents an opportunity for growth, making your system more adaptive, intuitive, and steadfast. While your CRM may not manage itself, I'm here to guide it towards antifragility, ensuring it serves you unfailingly through every twist and turn.

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