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Some Things Are Just Better Together: Parenting Lessons for CRM Success

Updated: Jun 10

Once upon a time in the chaotic realm of toddler parenthood, I found myself faced with a common dilemma: distracting my little one while wrangling him into his car seat. Amidst the elbows and the back-arches, the whines, and the general chaos, a humble play-sized lemonade pitcher emerged as a surprising hero, consistently capturing my toddler's attention and providing some brief moments of respite while I hurriedly buckle him in for our journey. But as any parent knows, toddlers are fickle creatures, and what works one day may fall flat the next.

On a particularly challenging day, with my toddler's attention wavering and my family running late, I knew I had to pull out all the stops to cut the car seat scene short. That's when inspiration struck in the form of a simple play spoon. As I stuck the spoon into the pitcher, I watched in amazement as my toddler's eyes lit up with wonder. What began as two mundane toys on their own transformed into a source of endless fascination as he pretended to stir the imaginary lemonade and spin the pitcher on the spoon.

As I marveled at the magic unfolding before me, I was reminded of a couple of my recent projects in the world of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Just like the lemonade pitcher and spoon, I have found that certain components of a CRM system simply shine brightest when paired with others.

Consider contact management, for instance. While important in its own right, its true value is unlocked when seamlessly integrated with email functionality. If you're drafting an email to a customer, why not have your email automatically pull in all the contact information you've worked so hard to store in your CRM? To level up even further, track and manage all communications with your contacts directly within your CRM system, saving time and ensuring a complete view of customer interactions.

What about lead generation forms? Vital for capturing prospect information, their effectiveness skyrockets when combined with lead scoring. While integrated lead forms may boost the quantity of leads in your system, you may want to pair this with a feature that evaluates their quality as well and allows your sales team to focus their efforts where they'll have the greatest impact. If you're looking for a more significant power-up to your lead game, many CRMs these days even boast AI-powered lead scoring capabilities.

There are tons of other features that are simply greater together than the value they bring as stand-alone functionality, so let's take a moment to assess your own CRM strategy. Are you maximizing your business's potential by harnessing the power of complementary CRM products or features? If the answer is "no," or maybe even "I don't know," fear not.

Just as I found a solution to my toddler's car seat woes, I have found many solutions for my clients and in my past projects, and I'm here to help you level up your business, too! Let's embark on this journey together and elevate your CRM strategy to new heights. Reach out to me today, and let's make magic happen.

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